Thumbucking Help


Brooke Andrews, M.A. CCC-SLP/COM is a Certified Thumbsucking Clinic Provider and has specific training in helping your little one eliminate their habits for good.

Thumbsucking Program

Sucking is a normal part of early oral development, you may have even seen ultrasound pictures of your child sucking in the womb. As babies grow into toddlers, optimal oral experiences should enable that sucking habit to lapse. By the age of 5, when the permanent dentition starts to come in, that little digit or digits need to be out the mouth. At our Thumbsucking Clinic, we provide a thorough assessment and review of your child’s habit and how it is impacting their growth and development. With this knowledge, we are able to customize a positive and motivating program to help your child STOP their oral sucking habit for good! Our non-nutritive sucking elimination program can be used with children 5 years and over.


thumbsucking help

Pacifier Help

Pacifiers are useful to help your little one self soothe in infancy. Sucking is developmentally normal in babies, but as babies grow, they grow out of it and learn the skills to chew. But when this habit persists and it is getting in the way of normal function, development of the mouth & jaw, and speech it’s time to eliminate the pacifier. We encourage parents to wean off the pacifier around six months of age. If you have concerns that the pacifier is hindering sound, teeth or jaw development we can help. We can provide expert advice to help wean your little one off the pacifier!



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