Speech therapy for babies and toddlers in Houston, TX

It's totally normal to know your little one is meeting developmental milestones on time, or even a little early.  It can be stressful and overwhelming when they're not (trust us we've been there!)

That's why we provide you with answers, support, and a flexible therapy model that will fit the needs of you and your little one.

The Speech Dynamic is a combination of my 10 + years working as  speech therapist with babies and toddlers and my own experience as a parent to my own little girl.

We're so glad you’re here!

Speech & Language Evaluations

During your comprehensive speech assessment, we will assess your child's speech skills, language, and play skills.  This will give us a better picture of where your child is right now and how to support them towards what's next. This assessment includes a written report of the results along with a therapy plan and goals tailored for the next 6 months.

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Speech Therapy for Babies

Did you know when your baby starts babbling is related to when your little one says their first words?  Delayed babbling and first words can set off a cascade of delayed speech milestones. But guess what? There's so much we can do to help! "Babbling Bootcamp" consists of five 30-minute sessions, where you'll learn 5 different research-based strategies to support speech and language from the very beginning.

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Speech therapy for toddlers 

In the first three years, your child's brain grows faster than it ever will again! Early speech and language skills are related to academic  readiness, social skills, and later success in school.  We'll show you how to help your toddler say more, get frustrated less, and off to the best possible start with speech and langauge. 

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Speech therapy for Preschoolers

Speech sounds disorders can affect a child’s ability to communicate, decrease their self-confidence, and are correlated with later language and reading disabilities. Research shows that most sounds should be correctly produced by age 5. 


The Process

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Your therapist will arrange a time with you that meets your needs.  

Complete the Intake

The welcome packet allows us to know more about you and your child before meeting so we can use our time together in a more focused way.  Intake is completed via our online portal

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Get ready to watch your little one's speech and language bloom!  

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Speech Therapy At Home (or School!)

We know the most progress happens when the whole team is is on the same page, and that includes you!  Providing therapy in your home or child's daycare allows us to do this.  We provide in-home therapy in Houston Heights, Oak Forest, and Spring Branch as well as the Museum District.

We also have a limited number of spots available at our Montrose location (2055 Colquitt St). 


Kind Words

Brooke is exceptional, and I will forever be thankful for her kindness, generosity, and knowledge in caring for my son

— heather, mom of Geo

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