Speech therapy for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers in Houston, TX

Before I was a parent, I assumed my background as a speech therapist with little ones for 10 + years would help me “get it right” when it came to parenting. I obsessed about every little thing and every do and don’t I would hear from friends, colleagues, and Instagram.

But I had let go of that when my daughter experienced delays of her own. For me, “getting it right” meant admitting what I didn’t know and seeking support from professionals such as physical and occupational therapists.

Early support made all the difference

I remember how worried and overwhelmed I felt at the time worrying about the future and obsessing about how to help.

Getting my daughter the support she needed early on and the tools to help her at home made all difference in where she is today.

Using speech therapy strategies from the beginning kept her "on track" with speech development, even with early signs of a speech delay such as delayed babbling,

Spend more time  less time worrying and more time connecting

We'll show you simple and proven ways to foster your little one's speech development and get your little one off to the best possible starts with speech and language.

We'll be right there with you  as you  embrace where your child is right now, and know it’s all part of your unique and beautiful journey!


I know every child goes through a stage where what they want to say exceeds what they can say...but with Colin it just went on and on! There were epic meltdowns and it was frustrating! Brooke showed us how to make learning new words fun!"  

Amber, Mom of Colin