Speech Therapy for Toddlers in Houston

We have  extensive experience and expertise working with late-talking toddlers and are  trained in programs specifically for working with toddlers with a speech delay  such as "Target Word" and "It Takes Two to Talk." 

 Early speech and language is related to school readiness, academic success, literacy skills, executive skills, and social skills.  Research shows  us that when help children early on impacts all of these areas.  Language is the foundation for all learning and getting your child off to the best start with speech and language will set a strong foundation for what's to come!

How many words should my toddler say?

18-20 months = Less that 24 words
21-24 months =  Less than 40 words
24-30 months = Less than 100 words
OR is not using word combinations by 24 months

source: www.Hanen.org

Because early speech and language impacts school readiness, academic success, and social skills, we recommend reaching out to a speech therapist if your have concerns regarding your toddler's speech development.

How Can I Support My Toddler's Speech Right Now?

Talk to your child as you do things and go places. For example, when taking a walk, point to and name what you see.

Say things like, “I see a dog. The dog says ‘woof.’ This is a big dog. This dog is brown.”

Use short words and sentences that your child can imitate. Use correct grammar.

Play with sounds at bath time. You are eye-level with your child.

Add to words your child says. For example, if she says “car,” you can say, “You're right! That is a big red car.”.

Start speech therapy to support your little one at home