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The Power of a Story

    We all know the little voice inside our head. It’s the voice that encourages us, motivates us, and tells us that everything is going to be okay.  It’s the same voice that sighs, “This is nice”, while overlooking a sunset or screams “My hamstrings!” while holding a yoga pose too long. The same […]

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I’m Brooke
I'm a speech therapist specializing in early language, but more importantly, I'm a mom of a toddler who has been on her own journey with physical and occupational therapy
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Yes, Please

Speech and language therapy with young children can sometimes looks like “just playing.”  That’s because play and language go together. In addition to play being the primary vehicle for learning in early childhood, let’s talk more about how play and language go hand in hand. Play and Language A word is a symbol for the object it […]

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