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“Propel” Executive Functioning & Play at Home

In our practice we offer a variety of play groups to help early learners develop  executive functioning skills, social skills,and language. To promote these skills, we utilize the PRoPELS framework (Bodrova & Leong, 2007). Play supports development Research provides more and more evidence of the positive effects that well-developed play has on various areas of […]

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I’m Brooke
I'm a speech therapist specializing in early language, but more importantly, I'm a mom of a toddler who has been on her own journey with physical and occupational therapy
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Play and Developing Brains: Walk down any toy aisle and there is no shortage of new and exciting toys.  It’s easy to think the more “bells and whistles” the better. In fact, simple toys such as blocks and baby dolls provide children with everything they need for building important cognitive and language skills. Play and […]

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