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Spring Speech Therapy Activities

March 12, 2018

I’m Brooke
I'm a speech therapist specializing in early language, but more importantly, I'm a mom of a toddler who has been on her own journey with physical and occupational therapy
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Spring speech activities at The Speech DynamicSpring is just around the corner! Here are a few speech therapy ideas for spring. All of the items below were purchased at CVS


“Spring Up and Catch Game” for speech therapy


“Spring Up and Catch Game” for speech and language therapy

This game has been a hit this week! Here’s how I am using it:

Speech: We are targeting different syllable shapes such as CV and VC – up, go, out, out, CVC- net, hop, pop, CVCV-bunny, purple. etc. and expanding this by requesting pink bunny, white bunny etc.  You can also target carrier phrases  such as “I like ____” “I want _____”, “I need ___” as well as “Go ____ “(go pink, go white, etc.)

Language: This game lends itself to phrases such as, “I did it!” and “I got it!”  You can also practice tense forms: “He is gonna jump! He jumped” and “I caught it!”  Prepositions: In the net, out of the net, etc. and quantity: “Do you want some or do you want them all?”






Bunny Launcher for speech therapy

Poppin ’Bunny Launcher  for speech and language therapy


Speech: Just iike the previous activity, you can practice a variety of word structures and carrier phrases. Since there are multiple balls, there are opportunities for repetitive practice (“go, go, go”). If you are practicing specific speech sounds, the bunny can “aim” at the word you are targeting.

Early Language: To encourage little ones to verbalize, place the ball in the bunny’s mouth and  wait “expectantly” for a few seconds (5-10 seconds). This creates a communication opportunity to produce a word such “go” or “pop!” If they don’t say it, simply model it and move on. They can try again on the next turn!





Bear Pop “N” Catch for speech therapy

Bunny Pop “N” Catch  for speech and language therapy


Speech: Another great opportunity to practice words such as “up”, “go,” “pop”, “in”, and “out.”

Language: In, out, up, and down are all language opportunities that are embedded into this activity! Hold the popper near your face to encourage eye contact and your little one to watch your mouth as you say words.




“Hoppy Bunny, Hoppy Bunny, What do you See?” for speech and language therapy


Repetitive books are great for language. Check out this free download


We are reading this printable book, “Hoppy Bunny, Hoppy Bunny. What do you See?” It’s similar to “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See” Use it to target spring vocabulary (you can print in black and white if your little one likes to color). The repetitive lines provide a great opportunity to pause and let your child fill in the blank. Download your own copy here: 








Plastic eggs are great for speech therapy!


Plastic Eggs for speech and language therapy

Plastic eggs provide so many great opportunities for speech and language! Hide items and open to practice the words inside.  Sort the items as you find them or describe what’s inside. There will be lots of opportunities to practice words such as “help” and “open.” You can add  grass to make it into a sensory experience!


Brooke Andrews, M.A CCC-SLP is the owner of The Speech Dynamic, PLLC, a boutique private practice in Houston, TX.  She specializes in social communication, language delays, and play-based learning. Brooke is the co-creator of “Wiggle-Time” and has presented at various conferences.  She shares her expertise in her workshops for parents and teachers.

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