Let's Babble, Baby!
Speech Therapy for Babies

When we think of walking, most of us understand that there are milestones that need to come first - sitting up, crawling, cruising, etc.

But when we think of talking, a lot of people think it starts with words

But there is so much happens before words and when we work on those skills, we set the strong foundation for what’s to come with speech and language

"But babies can't talk yet..."

We get the question a lot about how young is to young to start speech.

And our answer is that it’s never too early to start if you have concerns.

We know from research we can see correlations with any of the following:

➡️Uses few gestures
➡️little babbling
➡️Not copying actions and sounds

And guess what? we can start to notice before a child’s first birthday (and can work on them!)

Would my baby benefit from speech therapy?

Imagine a child at 18 months (when most little ones are getting referred) that started getting support at 9-12 months. They may not even need therapy anymore 🙌🏻

So can your child benefit from speech therapy before they are talking- absolutely!

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