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Can Talking to your Toddler Make Them Better at Math? Science Says Yes!

  You may not be surprised to learn  that there is a link between talking to your toddler and later language and vocabulary development. However, did you know there is a link between early parent language and later spatial and math abilities?   In a study by Pruden, Levine, and Hottenlcher (2011), researchers followed children […]

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I’m Brooke
I'm a speech therapist specializing in early language, but more importantly, I'm a mom of a toddler who has been on her own journey with physical and occupational therapy
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  Just listening to child provides a Speech Pathologist with a lot of valuable information regarding their developing speech and language skills. When obtaining a language sample, one of the things we listen for is which morphemes a child is using.   What is a Morpheme?   A morpheme is a unit of meaning. For […]

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